[Stain Remover] Allook-yak(50ml)


[Stain Remover] Allook-yak(50ml) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


How to use.
1. Spray Allook-yak more than 5times on the stains.
2. Wait for 3minutes until it is absorb.
3. Wash it in washing machine after 3 minutes.
cf) After spraying this product, wait three minutes and Rub it with wet tissue if it is not available to use washing machine.

Product Point
1. Harmless to the human body
: You can use it with confidence in your child’s clothing because harmless ingredients were used for this product. So it is safe for your child.

2. All stains can remove!
: It can remove all kinds of stains!

3. All textiles and colors can be used!!
: It is basically available for washing clothes, also dry cleaning clothes too. 

- KC Certitication


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